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Diversity is not an Ugly Word

Published March 31, 2012 by Katy J Went

Last week the Archbishop of C said that “society is in danger of becoming fragmented by a preoccupation with homosexual rights, feminism and separate racial identities, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned. Dr Rowan Williams claimed that identity had become a ‘slippery’ word and that, while much had been achieved for minority groups, it was time to focus on the common good.” (

This week police were caught on camera boasting of strangling a black ni****, yet also a Gurkha was let off being added to a domestic abuse register and awareness course due to cultural differences, ie it was ok to hit women where he came from, and a 5yo girl was among the 150 forced marriages investigated under the age of 15 in the UK last year, for which no criminal offence exists. At the same time a conference of African-American pastors rejected LGBT identities and rights, despite the experience of oppression and prejudice themselves they allowed religion to override a common experience of injustice. My memory of the Scriptures is that justice and minorities were incredibly important to God in both Testaments. Micah 6:8, what does God love, but to do justice. Jesus was drawn to minority groups such as sex workers, women, children, working class fishermen, rebels & revolutionaries, Samaritans, Gentiles, Romans, lepers, eunuchs, outcasts…

I’ve been signed off by my Dr for the next stage of Gender Transition having what is called Gender Identity Disorder. My individual identity and right to transition is important to me, as is my sense of belonging to a social & sexual gender group. These do not alienate me from the common good. Indeed, in teaching and training on Trans identity, rights and respect I have learned even more about gender, sexuality, culture and more about all groups and identities and not just my own.

Identity, Culture, Minorities, Rights need not fragment or destroy society, indeed Durkheim argued that they could cohere a society as part of a cultural common group consciousness that outweighed the cult of the individual. He argued that cultural diversity could enable emotional belonging to groups and fostered internal interaction, when that is twinned with mutual understanding and interactions of groups and minorities, common interests then society bonds in the common good. 

Now is the time to celebrate cultures, identities, minorities, *diversity is not an ugly word*, it is a beautiful fact of creation/evolution, indeed necessary to healthy survival in an evolutionary worldview.

Opening words

Published March 26, 2008 by Katy J Went

Lost for words?
A wordsmith’s writer’s block struggling to pen the opening lines of their next triumphant trilogy is nothing compared to the jihad of gender identity struggle. Both the bigger picture of society’s defines and the microcosm of personal confines penalise the freedom of identity exploration and expression.

Unworthy labels
In 18 months being out/ed as first a crossdresser, then transgendered and now transsexual, I have struggled to find appropriate labels. As fast as I accept one that I hitherto feared then it loses its power.

Perhaps that is why I use transgendering, the verb defines my undefinition, charts my journeyed course, and fathoms my fluidity – as all gender and sexuality should be – fluid.

We are, I am, human first, gendered second and sexually orientated third. Perhaps I am human, first, second and third. I am humansexual, have fallen in love with a person, their gender is secondary, our sexuality irrelevant. To say I feel part of a third gender is to simply turn a false binary divide into a three way split when androgenous Adam before the Fall was hermaphrodite and bodily united with his unborn Eve, made male and female.

A term I floated for myself was freemale, accepting my birth sex/gender – though that was debated for the first 2 hours of my existence – and giving myself the freedom to express that maleness in a more free and female way.

The gender fuck was in being fluid, not trying to pass and wearing my exploration on the sleeve of my blouse.

On March 26 the London Times published the anguished article of a young 20 something crossdresser caught in the turmoil of whether to tell his girlfriend. The posted comments suggested therapy, he come out as gay, and the usual trite ignorant assumptions.