Katy Went is part of the Norfolk LGBT History Society putting on LGBT History Month annually, is co-chair of the Norfolk LGBT & Disabled association, was involved in Norwich Pride for 3 years, sits on a couple of Police/Hate Crime panels and runs a regional Trans Discrimination Reporting group. She is now active in transgender support and training through GenderAgenda.

She’s very open about her gender history and the intersex, trans and genderqueer path she has explored. She has done sex and body self-development workshops in the US and UK. Her background in evangelical Christianity meant an additional struggle to understand her gender and sexuality – and all before Internet research and online peer support was possible!

She was previously married to a psychiatrist and had a habit of subsequently dating therapists of all kinds! She has suffered from mental health issues including depression, suicide and chronic insomnia and jokes about her OCDs, humourous cluttering (verbal thought racing/neologism creating and belongings) and bipolarism (BAD) but does not believe in medicalising her personality, (her gender is another matter entirely!), in other words she can be hyper, manic, extrovert or withdrawn and low! But can’t we all to one degree or another?

She has studied economics, statistics, theology, archaeology, ancient (Hebrew, Arabic, Greek , Hieroglyphic and more) and modern languages (Spanish, French, German and dabblings in Turkish, Romanian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swahili, Chinese, Japanese – mostly forgotten) – a linguaphile.

She also runs BMSoftware a tech company that has specialised in translation software, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing since 1998.

Having previously worked as a photographer in the late 80s she is rekindling her interest and in partnership with another photographer re-engaging with photography professionally. Her interest in fashion has meant the acquisition of a large collection of vintage and costume wear for photo-shoots and her own work has been displayed publicly.

She is in the process of writing several books and has also published and run a teach yourself course called Biblical Hebrew Made Easy. She writes blogs, e.g., KJ’s Moods, Bubblews, articles and delivers lectures.

As part of her love of writing and experience in PR, press releases and proofreading she is also a Professional Pedant.

She is a word loving logophile, and when I say loves, I mean is addicted to long ones, new ones, filthy ones and uses way too many in every article, talk, gig and general conversation! She does quieten down briefly for her love of food, wine and Spanish cinema.

She has been filmed for a visual anthropology Master’s degree documentary, plays guitar and other instruments and does stand up comedy and lie down sybaritism. She can be found shamelessly touting herself on facebook and twitter.

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