Long Time No Post! Update

Published October 2, 2011 by Katy J Went

Haven’t updated this in a long time! Partly, perhaps, as I am happy and less questioning of my direction/transition – although this does not stop me being fascinated by society’s gender/sexuality norms and their variations – but secondly because Facebook has become as easy to blog on as blogger/wordpress. So until I do a massive catch-up please check out my posts and updates on www.facebook.com/katyjon and my regular posts in the Norfolk LGBT History Society www.facebook.com/groups/lgbthm.  I am now actively doing Transgender Awareness training for public sector bodies (to date HMP, Police, Unions, Job Centres, Councils) as T is so often misrepresented or overlooked when lumped in with LGB, indeed I try to make sure that the spectrum of TIQ – Trans, InterSex, Queer/Questioning on gender identity rather than gender orientation/attraction – is covered. Website coming soon, in the meantime email me.


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